Monday, October 01, 2007


Mukunda Stiles created “structural yoga therapy” in 1976 after training at America’s first professional yoga school. He has since created a series of “joint freeing” movements to help check in with the body and to systematically loosen all joints. Each movement represents all the basic motions of the body starting at the feet and ending at the neck. This is a gentle series that has helped alleviate pain and restore joint mobility for our friends, family and for ourselves.

We often share this series with our students attending a Thai Massage I class and often have requests for copies of the series. So upon request following is the Joint-Free series. Keep in mind as you move through each movement to * Perform each movement at least 6 times. * Move with your breath, inhale as you extend through a joint and exhale as you flex through the joint.

For more about Mukunda Stiles and Structural Yoga Therapy check out his website:


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